Results Archive 2014-15

Lots of match reports this year, mostly lifted from our Facebook page with some tactful editing to make it suitable for public consumption.

Reports - 2014-15

27/4/2015: Hurst Mixed B vs Chiltern Mixed D
(captain's report)
Friday's Reading mixed match was the last of the season and we lost 0-9 to Chiltern. There were lots of close games and some "three enders" so despite the scoreline it was an enjoyable contest and everyone played well. Not all the scores are in, but Hurst should finish in 3rd place behind Chiltern and North Reading. Well played team.

25/3/2015: Hurst Mixed B vs Crescent Mixed C (captain's report)
Reading Mixed team won 6-3 in last night's away match against Crescent C. Overall it was a good-natured contest with some close games, but the result was never in much doubt. Team was Clare, Chris, Kate, Nigel, Liz and myself. Well played all.

20/3/2015: Hurst Mixed B vs Ufton Mixed B (captain's report)
Reading mixed team lost 5-4 at home in a very close match against Ufton. They got their revenge for our victory at their place. Team was Nigel & Kate, Clare & Chris, Liz & myself. Well played team. We were unlucky this time.

20/3/2015: Hurst Mixed B vs Ufton Mixed B (captain's report)
Good 7-2 win for the Hurst against Crescent C in the Reading Mixed league last night. Very well played Colin C and Clare, Katie and Nigel for 2 points each. Liz and Kev.E got the remaining points.

20/3/2015: Hurst Mixed B vs Ufton Mixed B (captain's report)
A close shave and the result hung on the last game of the evening. Well played Liz, Doreen, Clare, Colin C, and Chris. There was a love-hate thing on court between Liz and Kev, and a lot of swearing - mostly from Liz. It was all good natured banter.

27/7/2015: Hurst Open B vs Phoenix Open B (player's report)
Wey hey a healthy 7-2 win against Phoenix B tonight by the Hurst mens (!) team tonight. Excellent evenings badders in good company. Thanks chaps!

28/1/2015: Hurst Open A vs Shaw Open A (captain's report)
We had 2 pairs, Alison Alison and Mark and Liz and Col Dangerfield. An 8-1 loss with Liz and Col playing to 18 and 13 against Ben Ansell and Mark and Alison taking a game. FANTASTIC!!!!!! Mark and Alison beat ben Ansell and Linda curson in 3, and took one end off Tom Bass/Lucy Burton.

28/1/2015: Hurst Mens A vs Newbury B (captain's report)
A convincing 8-1 win with Col and Clyde as well as David and Mark taking 3 each. Kevin (man of the match imo) played an absolute blinder having been off for 6 weeks and still feeling poorly and took 2 games. Well done lads!

26/1/2015: Hurst Mens B vs Newbury B (captain's report)
The B team begun their climb out of obscurity with a 6-3 win away v Kennet . 3 to Colin n Chris, 2 to Rufus and David and one to Nigel and son (Dave A on his debut.

12/1/2015: Hurst Mixed A vs Shaw B (captain's report)
Well played tonight against a strong Shaw B side. Good games and great rallies. Shaw won 6-3 with Alison and Mark taking 3 for the Hurst. My favourite comment of the night from Kate "the shot goes down in my head ... but not in reality"

12/12/2014: Hurst Mixed B vs Crescent B
The Reading Mixed Team played Crescent B last night. Fought hard but lost 5-4 in a close match. Five of the rubbers went to 3 ends. Doreen and Kev.E took 2 points. Colin & Rosie, Clare & Chris took one each. Well played all. I think we were a tad unlucky.

12/12/2014: Hurst Mixed A vs Shaw B
Good evening last night with the Mixed Newbury Team playing against Shaw B. Lots of close games and three enders, losing 6-3 but with everyone leaving with a smile. Cheers to Nigel Appleton and Jan MacDonald for an excellent first time (and a revisiting old times) partnership.

26/11/2014: Hurst Mixed B vs Chiltern D
Hurst Reading Mixed team lost 8-1 away to Chiltern D last night. Well done to Liz and Colin D. for getting our solitary point. There were a lot of close games and some 3-enders. Kate and Colin C. managed to win one game 28-26. Doreen and myself fought hard and came very close to a win in three ends but got pipped to the post.  

14/11/2014: Hurst Mixed B vs Rivermead
Reading Mixed team won 8-1 against Rivermead last night. Well done to Colin C & Kate, Colin D & Clare for getting 3 points each.  

27/10/2014: Hurst Mixed B vs North Reading
Reading Mixed team lost 5-4 against North Reading on Friday. Clare & Colin D, Doreen and myself got 2 points each.  

14/10/2014: Hurst Mixed B vs Rivermead
Reading Mixed team won 7-2 against Rivermead last night. Liz and Colin.D on got 3 points, Katie & Colin.C, Pauline and myself got two each  

1/10/2014: Hurst Mens A vs Newbury B
The men played Newbury Mens B team tonight and won 8-1. Good games all round with Mark enjoying his partnership with John Hodges immensely and taking all three rubbers. Clyde and Col also taking three and Stephen and Kevin taking two. Good win lads and a lovely drink in the bar afterwards. Talking point was my lovely tweed jacket which went beautifully with my tank top and trekkies (captains opinion only).